The Use of New Technology in Marketing

16 Jan

The Use of New Technology in Marketing

Marketing is a correspondence between a seller and clients with the objective of offering item or service to them. Imparting the estimation of your item or service is a key part of marketing. An influx of new marketing in technology exists today to help marketers in achieving and examining existing and forthcoming clients want. Devices considered to be new ten years back, for example, web publicizing, messages, writing and sending e-mails, are presently seen as normal (Venkatesh,, 182). Innovations, including such as Global Positioning System (GPS), Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), social media and market mobile phone applications, are turning out to be progressively imperative. Some the newest technologies being utilized today are the use of social media and the CRMs (Customer Relationship Management).

Customer Relationship Management involves the performances, procedures, and advances being used by the company to supervise and analyze customer’s alliances and knowledge in the customer’s daily life, this aims to improve the customer-marketer relationship. Customers maintenance is a priority. Customer Relationship Management structures helps in collection of customer information from different places. Its main drive is to create a customer-company bond which might include company’s site, telephone, individual visits and chats, posting letters, marketing supplies, in addition to social broadcasting forums. Customer Relationship Management structures may also offer clients challenging workforce stepwise information in the home files, history of the searches, procuring preferences and apprehensions (Venkatesh,, 182).

Customer Relationship Management structures apply invention in composing, synchronizing, together with smartphones that have applications for example IBM. CRM offer help that makes it easy to identify the targeted customers and give directions to the company on how they are faring with their services (Barnes,, 30). A fundamental marketing dimensions can be due to the ability to create more advertisements and even give a good follow up on the services being offered. This can be achieved my emailing, video chatting, use of social sites, smartphones and use of letters. Dimensions detected integrate the use of pictures, feedbacks, clues, schedules, and returns. The customer might be able to have free streaming and downloads of the goods being marketed. Videos and pictures displayed help in the promotion of online marketing.

CRM also puts into practice the collection of information from the buyers. The company records data for all transactions that have been made by taking the customers details. Often the data taken is used to provide a link between the two parties buyer and the company. understanding the customer needs collection of substantive information, this may be in the case of customer’s thoughts about a certain product (Barnes,, 38).

Social sites marketing indicates the formula of selecting site association or giving consideration done online on these social sites. Social sites marketing takes account of utilization of acquaintance bids, constructing brand distinctiveness, and nursing the business growth. Customers are encouraged to make a good utilization of the services and items being given. In the end, the agendas focus on accomplishments to sort attractive contents that will bring many viewers into their websites. This form of marketing is enhanced by hearing what people have to say on the social sites about a particular service of product. In many cases when a brand is liked by the customers they often do share the information on their own accounts to allow their friends to see too.


LinkedIn, is business related social site, which grants associations an opportunity to make capable profiles and accounts and, additionally, allowing their business to improve and be able to interact. Through the usage of contraptions, people can advertise their diverse goods and services, for instance, Twitter accounts or blog sites for the items, which appear in the LinkedIn page. It allows its people to make arrangements leads and business associates. Marketers are given the opportunity to showcase and expound their administrations and good being advertised.


Twitter grants associations to market things at a company’s level. The use of a thing can be cleared up in short messages that clients will likely read. Messages may be linked other social sites that showcase the similar products and services. For instance, Facebook accounts, pictorials, video and audio recordings and many more. Such association enables clients to add more vitality collaborating with the goods and services on the site. This collaboration can create a steadfast relationship amidst goods and individual and can similarly incite greater marketing opportunities.


It alludes to a place based casual interactive site where customers can enroll utilizing their area or region utilizing their phones. It licenses associations to make a page or make another venue or claim a present one. A fair marketing system for associations to grow footfall or hold relentless customers joins offering inspiring powers like refunds or free sustenance for people enlisting with their locale, or gives advantages to the pioneer of that locale.


The profiles in Facebook are more differentiated unlike in Twitter. Facebook allows soundtracks, photos, videos and more clear depictions of products and services being marketed. Customers are allowed to leave a comment and even read other peoples’ testimonies about the services and product of the company they are looking up to. The number of likes always shows the items acceptance by the customers. The more the likes the more a product gets a good market.

Impacts of new technology on marketing

Innovation now has a significant effect on customer conduct. Take brand steadfastness, for instance. The digitalized phone empowers customers to correlation shop on the premise of cost at the purpose of the offer. A buyer can stroll into a store and utilize an application on their digital phones to read a standardized tag and tell the customer that they are getting the best cost for that thing or that it is accessible for less cash in a different place. The web has a few sites that do likewise correct thing and moreover will frequently lead the customer to a moment, printable coupon for a considerably greater markdown. Innovation modifies the buying cycle and offers ascent to intense outside influence, counterbalancing paid media’s administration of the buying cycle (Hulbert,, 198).

As organizations coordinate their marketing, customers start to see their item with more recurrence. The undeniable advantage here is that as customers turn out to be more acquainted with a brand and the items or services offered, the more prominent their inclination is to buy it. On some occasion if the customer is not in any way acquainted with the item, then they are not going to buy it. Computerized innovation is a solid method for guaranteeing that an organization’s items are seen and viably advertised. What’s more, there are numerous different preferences to innovation.

The digital marketing transformation in the commercial center and its effect on customer conduct presents numerous difficulties throughout today’s marketers. Marketing does not require much work, and it should be possibly fast since it needs the market and promotion for particular item and services (Hulbert,, 197). One zone of incredible worth to any organization with regards to marketing innovation is that it is moderately simple to acquire customer data and patterns to the point that an organization can focus on a particular gathering of people. Once more, it is staggeringly vital to recollect that completely knowing your buyer is the most imperative data that an organization needs with a specific end goal to be an effective organization. It is genuinely clear that all organizations, huge or little, that need to hold buyer premium and all the more imperatively hold customer income, they must take a gander at their level of association in computerized innovation from a marketing point of view.

It is urgent to all organizations to fuse a fitting and powerful measure of marketing innovation into their general coordinated marketing methodology keeping in mind the end goal to not be deserted by the quick pace of innovation. Companies must characterize and lead a client-centered marketing methodology that crosses item, channel, geographic, and even practical limits (Hulbert,, 198). A marketing association that exceeds expectations at coordinated marketing puts the client at the focal point of its procedure and executes to a great degree well crosswise over channels and lines of business, including marketing innovation. The most critical issue is to recognize that computerized innovation has greatly affected how customer’s choice, what time and where will they buy it. It is important for companies to embrace the new technology in the marketing of their goods and services.

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