It Is Easy to Write an Essay on Technology

18 Oct

It Is Easy to Write an Essay on Technology

You have to accept it and face the consequences. If you want to complete your college education, you have to write countless essays. One kind of essay that your professor will ask you to write is an essay on technology.

Don’t think that you can’t do it. You can even if you are not technologically inclined. You may ask another person to “write my paper” but that is an easy way out. To write an essay about technology you need to know how to go about it. This article will show you how.

There may be some circumstances that prevent you from writing your essay. Then it is not wrong to ask a professional to “write my paper.” If you will follow the steps given above, you can write your essay just as well.

First step: Choose a subject that interests you

If you have an interest in doing something, you don’t feel that it is work, right? That’s the clue. Pick a technology subject that you think is interesting. In this way, you don’t have to prod yourself to write it.

Here are some topics on technology that you can consider:

  • The positive and negative impacts of technology on modern man
  • Human Cloning—is it ethical?
  • Has social media solved your problems or did it create more of them?
  • Technology and mental illness—is there any relation?
  • Social media’s effect on family relations
  • How technology made us more productive
  • Pros and cons of organ donations
  • Is organic food better than GMOs?
  • Human cloning technology—how does it work?
  • The technology of transplanting animal organs to humans
  • The technology of making clones more humanlike
  • Technology is advancing to the point where you can genetically engineer the traits of your children
  • The advantages and disadvantages of reading printed material and digital material
  • Using in vitro technology to produce your baby—is it right?

These are by no means the only interesting topics that you can consider. You can think and search for more interesting technology subjects. Then work on a topic at an angle that has never been discussed before. All you need is an inquisitive mind and a probing attitude.

Second Step: Form the essay in your mind

After choosing a topic, imagine how you will construct your essay. I am not speaking about the intro, the body, and the conclusion. I am talking about how you will approach the subject. Is it going to be a plain dissertation? Or do you want it to do it argumentative style?

An outline is important because the way you approach the subject will guide the research that you are going to do. If you don’t define your approach, you will go here and there. You will gather information on the subject without any clear direction.

Third Step: Research the topic

After forming the essay on your mind, start your research about it. You are lucky because the internet is a ready tool for you to use. There is no need for you to turn hundreds of book pages to get information about your topic.

At the start of your research, don’t be choosy. Anything that you see about your topic, take it. Copy the information and save it on your laptop or your USB. It is not the time to shift the good from the bad. What you are after is to get all the information you will need to put in your essay.

Fourth Step: Organize your research

After getting all the information about the subject, it is now time for you to organize your research. This is why you need to do the second step. In the second step, you formed the essay in your mind. This will be the outline of your essay.

Now, start to organize your research using this essay form. Separate the information according to the structure that you have formed in your mind. They may be according to concepts, categories, classifications, importance, and so forth.

Fifth Step: Write a draft

After organizing your research, start to write a draft. This is where you need the usual skeleton of intro, body, and conclusion. It is time to put the muscles to the bones. The whole structure of your essay will depend on how many words you are supposed to write.

If the professor asks you to write a thousand words, do it. Fill the structure with all the relevant information about your subject. Take note: only put relevant information that will fulfill the purpose of your essay. This is the time for you to shift the good from the bad.

Sixth Step: Have someone read your draft

After writing your draft, ask someone to review it. Preferably, that someone should be well informed and educated. He should scrutinize the things that you have written in your essay. Tell him to give you his honest opinion about your essay.

Seventh step: Write your final copy

After he approves your essay, it is now time for you to write your first draft. After writing the first draft, give yourself some time to rest. Then go back and review your first draft. Correct the things that need correction. Then write your final copy.

You can do it. 

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