How To Move Up in a Company: 12 Steps for Success

19 Jul

How To Move Up in a Company: 12 Steps for Success

10 Guaranteed Ways to Move Up in Your Career

How To Move Up in a Company: 12 Steps for Success

The potential for a promotion or career advancement is a significant motivator for most employees. It typically results in a higher salary and greater responsibility at work. Your actions, decisions and performance are what help you get that promotion. If you’re hoping to move up in a company, follow this list of important steps.

The prospect of moving up in a company can keep you excited about and engaged in your work. Promotions may come with bigger paychecks, new projects and more authority in the office. Moving up in a job also looks good on your resume if you decide to apply with a different company or industry. It shows you are responsible, driven and produce high-quality work.

When you continually explore how to move up in your career, you gain new skills, responsibilities and challenges. The motivation to move up in a company benefits your employer, too, through your hard work and superior performance.

Work at a Startup

There are few experiences in life that can rapidly accelerate your career more than working at a startup. Whether you’re interested in digital marketing or learning how to navigate the funding process, startups are hungry for new and ambitious talent, and will throw you more responsibilities than you’ll know what to do with.

Identify goals you want to accomplish while working at a startup, but stay flexible. It’s likely you’ll wear many different hats and be pulled in numerous directions as you figure out how to land on your feet. As your responsibilities and career start accelerating, keep notes on the new skills you’re learning and projects you’re exploring to update your resume and portfolio. Chances are you’ll miss something if you try to recreate the experience in hindsight and will fail to pull out relevant details that can impact your next career step.

Make Friends with VIPs

Seeking out the top players in your industry, whether seasoned executives or rising stars, can take your career far. But know the difference between blatant stalking and brown-nosing, and offer genuine feedback on a project you enjoyed or ask thought-provoking questions. It’s relatively easy to become memorable and well-liked the more you can show you’re an interesting, proactive worker who respects his superior’s opinion.

Look up the meaning of agile, and you’ll find definitions ranging from “The ability to move quickly and easily” to “Dividing business tasks into short phases of work and reassessment.” Both are relevant to moving up in your career, whether you’re looking to quickly adapt to new challenges and pick up new skills, or to approach your career path as a series of different phases that push you towards your end goals.


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