• What is the best thing about your university?

I like everything about my university. But if talking specifically I appreciate the opportunity to study individually and nevertheless feel the support from professors. The study itself is quite intense and demands a lot of energy but it is encouraging when you know where to look for advice and help.

  • Have you ever challenged implicit or explicit bias because you are a girl working in a “boyish” sphere?

That`s a tough question. I know that today this topic is widely discussed and speculated because a lot of women feel underestimated in the spheres which are considered to be for men only. I cannot say that I have ever personally experienced anything like this. Besides, there are a lot of women who study Mathematics and Technology and there are also quite a few breakthroughs made by them.

  • The best advice you have ever been given by your teachers?

Once my teacher said that if you wanted to know something you just had to learn it. All the technological tools I am writing about are really helpful when you need to visualize something and enhance your imagination and creativity. But they cannot do everything for you. Being knowledgeable demands a lot of work and sleepless nights.

  • Which of the technological tools on your blog do you like the best? And which ones did you use at the very beginning?

I am really into dynamic geometry that literally brings Mathematics to life. And I started with Geometer’s SketchPad which helped me understand a lot of things better thanks to its usability. But you simply need to try some apps to find out which are the most understandable for you.