10 Apr

Why Do I Love Mathematics?

Mathematics is not just a science. It’s an art. It’s not just about adding and subtracting numbers, but the basics are important in solving some of the most difficult problems in the world. Every aspect of our life is mapped out by mathematics. It’s everywhere and it’s beautiful. That’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to tell you why I love mathematics.

Math is the most challenging subject in the world

People love a challenge. So do I. Math always poses a problem, but the beauty is that it always has a solution. Whether it is null, zero, or an actual number, the problem can be solved. Did you know that there are actually mathematics problems that are so difficult that only one of them have been solved?
They are called the Millennium Prize Problems. They are made up of seven mathematics problems that were developed by the Clay Mathematics Institute. The problems are so difficult that a correct solution offers a reward of $1 Million.
Why would they invest in math problems, you ask? The person who can solve a Millennium Prize Problem would be one of the most prolific mathematicians in the world. A team can also participate, but the problems themselves are almost impossible to solve at this point in time. The only winner is Grigori Perelman, a Russian mathematician that solved the Poincare Conjecture.

Math lives in all of us

The reason why science works so well is that math is involved. Without it, we could not discover how our body works, how the environment thrives, or how the world evolves. Math is a vital part of discovery. Measurements and solutions are the keys to finding out the truth behind real-life problems. Compared to the mysteries of the human mind and the earth, the Millennium Prize Problems will seem like arithmetic.
That’s why I enjoy mathematics so much; because of its use and purpose. Without math, we would not be where we are today.

Math saves lives

Mathematics is essential in making sure that we are consuming the exact amount of nutrition that we need. It is also necessary to avoid the chemicals and elements that are toxic to our bodies. Not only that, math measures the amount of change in the environment. This includes our oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, sea levels, changes in temperature, and so much more.
Because of math, we are able to adapt to the world we live in. We make the necessary changes based on the measure of what is needed to keep our world safe.
Apart from that, math is significantly important in medicine. Math helps us calculate the amount of medicine needed or measure the size of the body for operations, treatments, and procedures. If we didn’t have math, we’d be overdosing, underdosing, or cutting the wrong parts of the body.

Math exists in all fields of study

Math encompasses more than just numbers. It is an important part of history, anthropology, linguistics, science, and even psychology. Math was developed to tell time, age, and it is also used as a language as well. For example, the binary language is made entirely of ones and zeroes.
It is extremely amazing how math has managed to be a part of everything that we know and love. We think little of its significance, sometimes thinking that we don’t need to learn math to survive in the world. The truth is that without math, none of us would probably be here.
Without math, we cannot move forward into the future. By keeping math close to our hearts, we will be able to solve problems, create new ideas, and maybe even change the world.

1 Mar

Best Tools and Laptops For Video Editing

Video editing is an important tool for students and professionals who want to work in the media industry. Today, a video is a vital part of any marketing strategy, especially on social media. Making videos is a great way to make money, especially if you have a following that is willing to watch the ones you post regularly.
Before you can start editing the videos you make, however, you must have the proper tools and laptops for video editing. Here are some examples:


Before you can edit a video, you have to make a video. The best type of camera for taking videos these days are DSLR cameras or mirrorless cameras. These types of cameras were designed with video in mind. Although they are not meant for filmmaking, they are good enough to make shorts and marketing videos.
Apart from that, you should also have the proper camera accessories, such as reflectors, lights, and camera stabilizers for smoother movements. Next, you’ll need a good laptop for video editing.

Laptops for Video Editing

MacBook Pro

The latest MacBook Pro has a touch bar, but that isn’t essential for your video editing needs. The reason why the MacBook Pro is an ideal video editing laptop because it is designed for dealing with high-resolution graphics such as images and video. It has a Core i7 CPU, one of the most powerful in the market today. It is a favorite choice for video editors because of its style and functionality.

Dell XPS 15

Dell uses Windows 10, but you can easily downgrade to Windows 8 if you prefer the old operating system. Either way, it works well with heavy duty video editing because of its NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card and Core i7 processor. You can easily use Adobe video editing tools or other software to make a full video.

HP Spectre x360

The HP Spectre x360 is not as powerful as the previous two, but it is more affordable. It still uses the same processor and graphics cards as the Dell XPS 15, which means that you can edit high-quality videos using this laptop. The great thing about the Spectre x360 is that it also doubles as a tablet for those who want to use a stylus.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

When the Microsoft Surface Book was announced, it was marketed as an affordable alternative to the MacBook Pro. Because of its similar design, it’s hard not to notice why people may think that this could be just like the Macbook. Still, the Surface Book has its own advantages such as an 8th Gen Core i7 processor, GTX 1060 GPU, and a high-powered battery that can last long even when using video editing applications.

Lenovo Yoga 720

The Lenovo Yoga 720 is another 360-degree laptop that can be used for video editing. The only downside to this is that there is no HDMI, one of the main features that most video editors need for when they want to check their work on a large screen such as an LCD television. Still, it’s great for editing minor videos that do not need to be assessed on the big screen. It’s a great starter laptop for beginners as well.


The MSI GT83VR is actually designed for people who want to play video games. However, because of its powerful processor and graphics card, it can be used as a video editing laptop as well. It has a 16GB RAM and a Core i7 processor. It has a GTX 1080 graphics card, one of the latest in their line of graphics cards. The great thing about this laptop is its design and dual use. When you’re not editing videos, why not play video games?
Have you chosen a laptop for your video editing needs? Do you want the best or the most affordable type of laptop in the choices above? Once you decide, you can start editing high-quality videos in no time.

19 Feb

Tech in Students’ Life

I’m studying Mathematics and currently a senior at Durham University. My love for Mathematics leads me to explore its relationship with Tech. I often join and win competitions that involve both fields, and hope I could inspire fellow students, to appreciate Mathematics.

This motivated me to create a blog that explains how to use Technology strategically to increase proficiency in Mathematics. According to her blog, everyone should see the importance and role of mathematics in our daily life, and how technology can help us achieve that. Both students and teachers can pick up some tips on the role of teaching and learning Mathematics.

Access to modern technologies is essential to support students’ learning and exploration of the different fields of Mathematics. Technological tools such as computer algebra systems, data collection, computations, dynamic geometry, and other computer-based applications provide students more information and interactions. This enhances problem-solving skills and reasoning, which is central to the process of understanding mathematical procedures.

However, simply having regular access to all information provided by these technologies are not enough to stimulate interest. Not all educational institutions capitalize on the availability of technological tools in learning mathematics. Imagine having the right tools that work like an advanced calculator, and simplifies complicated equations and provide definite answers, not just an approximate.

Every school’s curriculum developers and teachers should work hand in hand in creating a balanced mathematical program that takes advantage of modern technological tools to support learning. A framework that focuses on helping students develops a deeper understanding of the reasoning and mechanics of mathematics more quickly.

I suggested on my blog that mathematical programs should include installation of computer hardware in classrooms that have web-based applications equipped with mathematical software and proper training of teachers and mathematical instructors on how to effectively use the tools to guarantee its effective use.

The integration of technological tools in lessons and daily instructions enriches students’ experiences and instills an increased appreciation for the ever-changing technology and its impact on learning not only Mathematics but in solving real-world problems, in general.

Harnessing the power of modern technology and employing the right strategies in teaching mathematics, students will be less intimidated, more engaged, and enhance learning.


27 Jan

How Will Future Technologies Change The Lives of Students?

As technologies keep advancing, so does the level of education our students are facing. Books and history will forever be of use, but technology can help widen the student’s range of knowledge as well as stimulate their creativity and imagination.
Here are some of the newest innovations in technology that can help students learn more about the past and create new ideas for the future:

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality devices are available on the market now. Before, they were not many devices available because of the lack of content that was compatible with the platform. Since the technology was launched for the public, many companies have done their best to provide new and innovative ways to use virtual reality to teach people in different fields of study. Here’s how it can work for students:
They can use virtual reality to explore environments that are no longer here, such as historical places, locations where we cannot go such as the moon, and new places that are borne of the imagination of virtual reality space creators.
Students can engage in activities that are both physical and mental. Because VR allows you to move freely, it lets you play games and solve puzzles while keeping your body mobile.
Virtual reality video games can also be a learning experience for students because many games are based on history and are almost accurate in their lore. Aside from that, it keeps your imagination running with possibilities.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is not as common as virtual reality, but it has been used in popular applications such as Pokemon Go, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. The idea of augmented reality is to place digital objects into an image or line of sight that covers the real world. The concept allows you to see a rendering of an object in the real world, either through a camera or a hologram. The main goal of augmented reality is to be able to interact with digital objects. Today, they are used for simple activities, but specialists are working on more uses for the technologies.

  • Students can use augmented reality to their advantage by utilizing the technology that comes with it. At present augmented reality can be used freely using cameras on tablets and mobile phones. There are many augmented reality apps that are designed for creative use. Some games can also be used for mental stimulation.
  • Studying augmented reality is also an option. The advancements are not enough to bring us to sci-fi level usage, but many people are working on it.
  • Students can take this opportunity to join in on the journey.
    Students can also create sceneries using augmented reality. For example, they can design a room or an environment using augmented reality applications.

Maker Spaces

Maker Spaces are areas arranged in schools or libraries, where students can use tools to create and innovate new ideas. Many maker spaces include tool boxes, electronics parts, 3D printers, and other items that can be used to build inventions.
A Maker Space not only encourages students to develop new ideas. It also helps them engage with their peers and collaborate on projects.
Some of the main projects in Maker Spaces are 3D printing of students’ designs and building robotics.
The beauty of a Maker Space is that it is a teaching space as well. There is always a teacher and a collection of books for students to look at while they are doing research or working on projects as well.
Basically, a Maker Space is a technology space that can be used by students to learn, explore, and create.
By combining the knowledge we have from the past and the possibilities of the future, we can help students create a better future for us all. The generation today is meant to do great things because they are more self-aware and more curious than previous generations. Technologies will help speed their journey and the past will help them learn from mistakes.